Marketing Strategy: It All Starts With Your Customers

A common mistake when marketing using Digital channels, is not to really think about “Who is my customer”. As a typical example – “Wheely Good Cycles” (fictional) define their customer as People between 30 and 50 with a family in Dublin.

What happens next? Well you put that demographic into Facebook ads. That might describe 300,000 people in Dublin. Sean from D4 – an armchair rugby fan might get the ad while Sarah, a cycling enthousiast may also get the ad. This means that you are paying for the wrong / irrelevant people to reach your business.

How can you prevent / reduce this from happening?
Generally, you can’t always totally remove this from happening. Though one way of greatly increasing your success using Social Media, Adwords and your website, is doing Marketing Persona’s.

This is a process of mapping out who your customer is. For example:
What if “Wheely Good Cycles” took this approach.
A targeted Persona:

Name: Sarah
Age: 40
Family: Yes – husband and 2 kids
Occupation: Nurse
Values: being healthy, active lifestyle, family time, family health
Fears: Family being unhealthy, climate change
challenges: Keeping a healthy lifestyle, Quality family time, Keeping family healthy

An example Facebook ad:
Target Size: 20,000 people
Geography: (towns near your business)

Ad: Title: Quality, healthy family time
Description: Want healthy, quality family time? Try cycling! We can help you get started, with
everything from kids bikes and helmets to Adults cruisers.

Notice the difference? Its much more relevant and interesting for your audience. Even better, it costs you less and would be more successful. Delivering a better ROI.

We would recommend doing this process and creating 3-5 persona’s. Then you review the top 3 customer groups.
Only next, do you create an advertisement / campaign.

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