It can be hard to know right? In this post, we look at items to look for in your website to make sure your website is effective, secure and looks great on different screens.

  1. Is your website mobile friendly / responsive
    • When you view it on  your phone – does it fit the screen?
    • Does your content fit?
    • Are the headings the right size? (not too big or small)
    • Does your menu show as a mobile menu?
  2. SSL Secure (Important for GDPR & Google ranking)
    • Does your website have a lock icon showing in the address bar? 
    • When clicking on your website in google / social media – does it say “not secure”
  3. Content Balance
    • Does your content sections have a max of 200 words per section – with an image?
    • Has your content been readability tested? (there are tools for that).
    • Is there too much text on your pages?
    • Does your content look good on Mobile? (50-70% of viewers are mobile)
  4. Images
    • Are all your images high resolution?
    • Is your Logo in the right resolution/ size?
    • Do you own the rights to the images? If not – do you have a license? (stock images)
    • Do you have metadata set with images – e.g. alt text, description
  5. Accessability
    • Do you have a contrast / text resizing option? (for people with visual difficultiies)
    • Have you run a 508 accessability tool on your site? (helpful)
  6. Style & Trends
    • Is your website “with the times”? – modern looking
    • Do you have a single page site with lots of menu’s?

  How are you doing so far? If you aren’t scoring well, don’t worry too much. There are solutions for each of these problems. In part 2, we continue our list.

In the meantime, need some help? Contact us! We can discuss and see if we can work together.

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