Supercharge your Business Success

Working smarter, not harder has never been so important. Gain and maintain a competitive advantage by using tools like ChatGPT (AI), Zapier (Workflow automation), Hubspot (Marketing automation) and more.

Digital Business Optimization Process

1) Complimentary Consultancy Call

We organize a call with you and your key team members, to better understand your business. We want to find pain points and suggest solutions using Automations, Integrations and AI tools like ChatGPT.
There is no obligation to continue to the next stage – though our goal is your success.

2) Solution/Project Quote & Proposal

In this phase, we can create 2-3 options to suit your budget and goals. 
We find some clients like to start with a small project to manage timelines and risk. In other cases we work on bigger projects.
You get:
1) A solution document with options

2) 2-3 quotes (as needed)

3) Project Commencement

On approval of the project and budget, as soon as we receive a deposit & resources – we can start to work on our project together. We have a number of flexible options to work to your timelines and budget. Let’s work together!

4) Project Milestone Meetings

We have regular meetings to discuss project progress and take feedback. Sometimes requirements might change, here we can rescope or refine the project up or down depending on your needs.



After our UAT process, we can go-live! From here we go into the Monitoring phase.

6) Monitor & Review

Optionally, we can have a retainer to review and monitor your solution, in case of adjustments or improvements we work together. We include a 2 week cool-off period on all our projects where we can fix bugs or make small adjustments at no extra cost.